Mojo Tires have performance and longjevity in mind and are available through many dealers in Canada.

Tires: Mojo D2
Cadet: 4.5 Front / 4.5 Rear
Junior: 4.5 Front / 7.1 Rear
Briggs: 4.5 Front / 6.0 Rear

Mojo D2 Tires are the perfect compound for medium grip with longjevity in mind to keep racing costs down for the racers. It is the perfect tire for cadets and juniors which allows them to develop their skills while being forgiving with great grip levels.

Tires: Mojo D5
Cadet Option: 4.5 Front / 4.5 Rear
Junior Option: 4.5 Front / 7.1 Rear
Senior: 4.5 Front / 7.1 Rear

Mojo D5 Tires are the tires chosen for Senior and DD2. They provide great grip in corners but the most important component to the D5 tire is its consistancy. From lap 10 to 100 the tires hardly drop off. It is a great tire to race on knowing you have the grop and consistancy and a perfect tire to test and drive 100+ laps.

Tires: Mojo W5 Rain Tire
Cadet Option: 4.5 Front / 4.5 Rear
Junior/Senior: 4.5 Front / 6.0 Rear

Mojo W5 Rain Tires may not be the fastest tire on the market. But its a tire that can easily last 2-3x longer then the faster compounds. SO why does this matter? If your club has open rain tire, if you want to win you would need a new set of rain tires every race. With Mojo you can easily run multiiple days without a speed drop. Making club racing more affordable.



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1How Can I Become A Dealer
Send us an email or give us a call and we can talk about your business and plans.
2Do I need a website?
Yes, in order to be a dealer for Mojo Tires one of our requirements is that a dealer is required to have a website for their business.